Hello. EDWARD BROWN DirectorIt is Inoue.

Edward Brown’ page, thank you very much.

Here, I would like to tell you the story of edward brown’s cashmere stall and the thoughts we put into our products.

I would be very happy if i could give you a little time.



What brand is EDWARD BROWN?


We have been fortunate enough to deliver Johnston’s cashmere stalls to many customers.


One day, I was talking to a customer who was buying a cashmere stall in Johnston’s.

So I realized that there is a common problem for customers who are considering purchasing Johnstons.


The first point is price. Johnston’s Cashmere Stall is priced at 66,960 yen (tax included).

No matter how you think about this, the price hurdleis high.

Therefore, we realized the manufacturer’s direct purchase and were able to lower the offer price to 48,800 yen (tax included).


But there’s more problems there. In Rakuten and Amazon, johnston’s cashmere stall of the price which cuts 30,000 yen exists.

There was a second point problem here. It is a matter of genuine goods and fakes.



I explained in detail in the blog post of the same title, but we can see the purchase price of cashmere stall of Johnston’s.

Stalls sold on Rakuten and Amazon have products that fall below the manufacturer’s purchase price.


The third is the question of advertising costs.

Advertising is often necessary to get to know you about famous brands such as Johnstons.

Compared to such flyers, it is really small, but i still have to set it to the sales price that incorporates the advertising cost.

When the advertising cost was zero, I was worried many times that I could offer better products at a more affordable price.


Finally, we decided to deliver you a better quality product at a price that is more affordable than Johnston’s.

That’s edward brown’s cashmere stall.



How is EDWARD BROWN’s cashmere stall made?

We decided to first look for a manufacturer that would manufacture high-quality cashmere stalls at a reasonable price.

My goal was to go to Inner Mongolia, China. This is an area called INNER MONGOLIA in English.


This region is known as a global cashmere producer. In fact, cashmere from Johnston’s also uses inner Mongolia.

In the case of Johnstons, we bought cashmere hair in inner Mongolia and commercialized it at our factory in Scotland, but we decided to use local cashmere to produce it in-house.


By producing locally, you can cut extra transportation and indirect costs, and you can reduce labor costs by far more than manufacture them in Japan.

Of course, the quality of the stalls is more than Johnston’s.



Who actually makes EDWARD BROWN’s stall or factory?

When we find a local partner, we place the most importance on people.

What kind of staff are there and what kind of president does they run?What kind of vision do you have to work with?


We had three meetings in Tokyo and China before actually starting to manufacture cashmere stalls.

And finally, “If you ask these people, there is no doubt. We can work together to deliver the wonderful cashmere stall to you. I was able to find a partner.



These photos were taken at our local partner Cashmere Stall production plant.

Stains – folding – washing – tagging and traditional cashmere stall production landscape shave swells.


Edward Brown’s cashmere stalls are different from other stalls.

Next, I would like to tell you about the quality of cashmere stalls. Usually cashmere stalls are priced at the bottom three.

1. Quality of cashmere

2. Size of stall

3. Stall weight

The price is determined by how much quality cashmere you use and how much you use it.



For reference, Johnston’s stall is 190cm x 70cm/380g.

This large size and the sense of weight are very high in the sense of satisfaction to wear it.


You can enjoy a lot of texture of cashmere, because it is large size, i can arrange a variety of winding ways, it is very fun.

EDWARD BROWN’S stall is also made of this size and weight.

To be clear, it was more than the same quality as Johnston’s.



For your information, rakuten and Amazon also exhibit cashmere stalls made by Japanese manufacturers.All of them are made with the amount of cashmere suppressed.

Only the size is made large, and the amount of cashmere used is reduced, and the cost is suppressed.


In Rakuten and amazon, the price competition is very intense.Even one yen cheaper than other companies, and cheaper, is required by customers every day.

For this reason, it is essential to sell products of the same quality as other companies at a low price for even one yen.

How to make cashmere stalls of the same size even cheaper than other companies? The answer is clear. We have no choice but to reduce the quality.



We honestly thought that we did not want to make such a stall. To increase the sales of the company, we drop the invisible quality and sell it.

I think that it is a method of selling that can be done because it is an internet, and it is certainly important to offer it at a low cost.


But how do you feel about buying it?

If cashmere stalls purchased with great pains paid for it were ruined in just one or two years.




Better quality, at an affordable price. The quality is good, which is timeless.

While having attachment, you can take care of frequently, you can use it habitually for more than ten years.

I aimed at such a cashmere stall.


Edward BROWN’s stall with the luxury of fine cashmere that we recommend with ourselves.

ATLUCKWATCH offers a seven-day return warranty. If the color and feel are different from the image by any time, you can exchange and return the product within seven days from the delivery.


Shopping on the internet that can’t actually pick up the product.

Don’t worry, edward brown’s stall.

I promise you the touch and satisfaction that you have not met yet.