【About overseas delivery】

Delivery of accessories

Asia / 1500 yen
North America and Europe / 2500 yen

It will be delivered by DHL.
You can check the postage on the checkout screen.
・Free shipping at least 30,000 yen.
Tariffs are not included. There is a case to have a charge at the time of receipt.

Stall delivery

It will be delivered by EMS.
The postage varies depending on the region of the delivery.
We will inform you of the postage again after the order is confirmed.
Tariffs are not included. There is a case to have a charge at the time of receipt.



【Domestic Delivery】

Shipping charges

・Domestic uniform 220 yen (tax included)

Standard of shipment

We will usually ship within two business days from the order.
・On Weekends and holidays, delivery work is closed.

Delivery of accessories

It will be delivered by Yamato Nekopos or TA-Q-Bin.
Post mail and date and time specification is not accepted.
The standard of delivery is the same as the home delivery service.
Date and time can be specified only in the case of COD.

Stall delivery

About the shipping company

Accessories: It will be shipped by Yamato Transport Nekopos. Date and time is not allowed.
・Stall: It will be shipped by Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport.
・Because it is possible to specify the time in the following time zone, please specify it by the checkout screen if you wish.

In the morning
14 to 16 p.m.
16 to 18 p.m.
18 to 20 p.m.
19 to 20 p.m.

Delivery to Okinawa and remote islands

It becomes the delivery by the shipping of Yamato Transport.
・Delivery request date specification and time specification is not possible.
The schedule of the delivery standard is five to seven days.

Contact Number

・Once the shipping procedures for the product are completed, we will inform you of the inquiry number by e-mail.

If you are unable to deliver due to unknown address or long-term absence

・To arrange re-shipment, you will bear the postage.(Warehouse return price + re-shipment postage: 1300-2600 yen)

About special delivery period

・There is a possibility that there is a possibility that there is a delay in the delivery of the product in the special delivery period before and after Christmas, the new year’s holiday, golden week, and the obon period.


【About payment】

Credit card payment

Cards such as MasterCard, VISA, JCB, Diners and American Express are available.
You only have to pay once.


Credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts are available.


Fee 440 yen. Free of charge at least 15,000 yen.
Please pay in cash when you receive the goods.

After payment at convenience stores

Please pay in cash at your local convenience store.
Click on the photo below to learn more.

Postpaid fee: Free
Limit: 55,000 yen (tax included)
Invoices will be mailed separately from the product. Payment must be made at a convenience store within 14 days of issue.
Payment from the following smartphone app is also possible.
LINE invoice

We will provide personal information within the scope of the services provided by SCORE Co., Ltd., such as transfer of payment.
Please apply after agreeing because you may use other payment methods depending on the result of the credit examination.
Purpose of provision: For review and collection of payments and debt management for postpaid settlement
To inform you of information about the service from SCORE Co., Ltd.
Items to be provided: name, telephone number, address, E-MAIL address, purchased product, amount, etc. means of provision: carried out in a dedicated system

In the “Score Postpaid Payment Service”, you can not use the service in the following cases. Please be aware of this.
1.Post office closure and pick-up at the shipping company’s sales office
2.Transfer of goods
3. If the name is not staffed by the address of “hospital”, “hotel” or “school”.
4.Delivery at convenience stores

Please be sure to check the details on the page to which you clicked on the banner.
Inquiries regarding the provision of personal information: 81-3-6427-6951