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EDWARD BROWN SAID, “Timeless things for all our customers. It is a brand that started from the 2017AW season with the concept.

Cashmere stalls that use high-grade materials in luxury are carefully made one by one in their own production line.

In order to provide sincere pricing to our customers, EDWARD BROWN’s Stall does not make any SALE and discloses all product costs.

Product Detail


Model Name: BLACK

Size: (approx.) 190cm x 70cm

Weight: (approx.) 380g

Material: Cashmere 100%

Country of origin: Inner Mongolia/China

Cost of goods: 14,800 yen

About cashmere material: Cashmere stalls may fall out when wearing them due to the characteristics of the material. It is recommended that you refrain from wearing the cloth of the small eyes such as black wool as much as possible until the play hair comes off.