A list of frequently asked questions is available.

Please look at each item once before inquiring to our store.
If you can’t find the answer you want to know, or if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.
We will respond within two business days.


【About re-arrival】

Q Edward BROWN is restocked? Could you contact me individually at the time of re-arrival?
Edward BROWN’s stall is scheduled to be restocked on an irregular basis.
We do not provide individual guidance. We will let you know when it will be restocked by Instagram Stories.

EDWARD BROWN Instagram Click here


【About Stall Muffler】

Q. I need you to tell me what color it matches.
Please refer to the following blog.
“How to choose stall color”

Q. Does the stall suit men? Would you prefer a muffler?
Please refer to the following blog.
“If it’s for men, we recommend a plain stall muffler.”

Q Why is the price cheap?
Please refer to the following blog.
“Johnston’s Cashmere Stall and Muffler Cost Exposed”


【About SHOP】

Q What are your business days?
It is open from Thursday to Sunday at 13-18. It is closed from Monday to Wednesday and the holiday.

Q I don’t know where it is
Maison Dramia 4F, 5-1-25 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Go to the right exit from Omotesando Station B3. After the Kitamura Pharmacy, turn right and enter the path. It is maison d’Amia 4F on the right about 10m ahead.
Google Map


【About wrapping】

Q. Can you wrap it?
Wrapping (from 220 yen for a fee) is supported. Please purchase it from the page below.
About wrapping

Q Do shoppers come?
EDWARD BROWN has a shopper. There are no shoppers in other products.
Aletta is compatible when purchasing wrapping for Aletta (440 yen).


【About exchange and return】

Q I want to exchange and return it because the image is different.
Please see below.
“About exchange and return”


[I did not receive an email]

Q I can’t get an email even if I order.
・For the e-mail of the order confirmation in our store [within the next business day], we will contact [within two business days] for the mail of the inquiry.
If you do not receive an email even after the above time, please contact us.

Most of the reasons why you don’t receive mail is due to the mobile carrier’s email setting supted to “Don’t receive mail from your PC.” Please confirm the setting of your mobile mail once again.


【About delivery】

Q. I would like to ask you to specify a date and time.
・Stalls can be specified by Sagawa Express.
Accessories are delivered by Yamato Transport. Because only the sale goods are Nekopos flights, the date and time cannot be specified. If “COD” is selected, it becomes a courier and the date and time can be specified.


【About convenience store post-payment】

Q I lost my invoice.
・Please contact US directly for the reissue of the invoice.
Click here for score post-payment inquiry form

Q Can I use a credit card to pay at a convenience store?
Payment in cash.


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